Sugarloaf Social Club

A Golf-averse Gear Guide for the Golfer

Ian Gilley

curated by SSC

Expanding on Derek Zoolander's famous Socratic truism, we believe there is more to life than being really, really ridiculously golfy. 

Thus, we felt some responsibility to put forth a selective gear guide for the Holiday season, curated for the tasteful/thoughtful golfer, void of any heavy golf-centric themes. 

After all, you are a person/golfer, and not the other way around. 

SSC 2017 gift guide.jpg

Pleasure - a group consisting of quality wears perfect for the ongoings of daily life:

  • Pilgrim Surf + Supply "Zip Wallet" by MAKR ($130) - Pilgrim is our favorite brand, hands down. So when we found out that they collaborated with Winter Park atelier MAKR (located just blocks away from our alma Mater, Rollins) well ... it was nearly too hot to handle. Manitoba leather, Horween pull tab, laser etched, YKK zipper, made in Florida - need we say more? Click here to purchase.
  • Mackinaw Cruiser by Filson ($395) - This classic wool coat has endured for over a century. With a bevy of pockets (7+!), while being naturally water repellant, and classy enough to wear to church, this is a must-have if you live in a chilly climate. Don't tell us, "well, Sugarloaf, I already own a cool Barbour waxed canvas coat!" Phewy - you need both. Oh, at it just gets better looking with use. Made in USA. Click here to purchase.
  • Timex Ironman Digital Watch for Todd Snyder ($98) - Ironman is a slight misnomer endorsement, because you will never catch us in a marathon much less something that adds biking and swimming on top of that equation. We play real sports. Nonetheless, this watch is a reissue of a 90's classic adored by weekend regatta warriors. If it's good enough for our sailing forefathers, it's good enough for us. Also, a humble rubber digital timepiece is a must right next to your Sub and Speedy. Click here to purchase. 
  • Mini Griptillian by Benchmade ($110) - It seems like every lumbersexual hipster carries a painted axe nowadays. But, short of cutting down some loblollies at Augusta, you don't need a felling weapon in your life. But, what you actually do kinda need is a proper pocket knife. There is no better modern gamer than the Benchmade Griptillian. Simple, sturdy and utilitarian, you can customize the blade, material and color. Might we suggest the Tanto shape for no other reason than it is fun to say "Tanto." Click here to purchase.
  • Knoxville Pro by Electric ($120+) - A new style that ads a dash of sport on the most classic of frame shapes. This is the moment we get to use the tired maxim of "works on or off the course!" But, it's so true. Super light, super comfortable and with rubber nubs over the ears and nose, these puppies stay in place whether pushing the apex on the Blue Ridge or sweating your shorts off during a summer round. With the absence of a bottom lens frame and optional polarized lenses, our Wayfare's are now collecting dust in some far off golf junk drawer. Designed in California, hand crafted in Italy. Click here to purchase. 
  • Flip Pack by Keltterwerks ($199) - We're bag whores, just love 'em. One brand that has stood the test of time, literally, is Kletterwerks. And we fancy very much so their 23-liter top loading stalwart. The Flip is constructed from 1000D CORDURA, with an internal sleeve large enough of a 15" MacBook and a top lid ideal for accessories. It's all you need for a work day at the local coffee shop or impromptu content shoot across the country. Made in Montana by the parent company Mystery Ranch (these are the dudes that make packs for US Special Forces!). Click here to purchase. 
  • The North Face "Old Skool MTE DX" by Vans - Power couple right here folks. Consider these snow boots masquerading as skate kicks. Weather resistant upper, warm lining and nubby-outsole for some serious traction. You can golf and party this winter with these dogs in tow. Click here to purchase. 

Business - desk flare for the global citizen:

  • Gel Pen by Muji ($1.50) - The pen is a daily commodity that deserves more respect. You should have one on you at all times, no questions asked. Through years of doodle testing writing utensils from Mont Blanc to BIC, and everything in between, we have found the best pound-for-pound pen in the world. From the Japanese polycarbonate design, simple grip, 0.5mm size and blue-black gel ink, this wonder from Muji is the perfect size, color and weight in one helluva economical package. Buy a handful here.
  • A5 Notebook by Postalco (¥ 2,268) - Japan just gets it, no other country pumps out better pens, pencils and paper. Case-in-point, Postalco's A5 Notebook is a workhorse of perfected design that will truly make your life better. Featuring a durable pressed cotton fabric cover that houses the most lovely of microgid paper, all bound by a brass spiral - we get goosebumps just thinking about taking notes on this pad. Click here to purchase. 
  • Custom Market Bag by Apolis ($68) - "Holds more than 135 pounds, with a waterproof interior — so you can carry pretty much anything." Couldn't have said it better ourselves. Made in Bangladesh, supports fair and transparent working conditions. Something that you will end up using way more than you ever thought. Click here to customize. 
  • Car Sculptures by Stéphane Dufour ($400+) - This is easily the most opulent and unnecessary addition to this gift list. But, for the car-lover who has everything, this is just off-the-grid enough to ensure a true grown-up surprise whilst delivering a life-time of child-like glee. The best shapes from Porsche, Ford and Lamborghini are all here. Sexy, simple, beautiful - we would buy them all if we could. Click here to window shop. 
  • Classic Travel Alarm Clock by Braun ($25) - Certainly no one truly needs a clock in today's world. But, trust us when we say that the work day becomes slightly more bearable when you can take momentary glances at this affordable/iconic epitome of Deiter Rams design. Click here to purchase.
  • Monocle Subscription ($75) - This is the best magazine in the world, bar none. Design, politics, economics, music, fashion, history, trends ... Monocle covers it all in a dense, yet manageable, manner that keeps you up to speed on everything one would ever need to know for business chats and cocktail parties. As if NPR, The Economist, GQ and the Wall Street Journal had a grown-up hipster love child. Smart, funny, insightful. Click here
  • Dudek Modern Goods (from $45) - Now that you have some pens from Muji along with that fancy notebook from Postalco, you need something to house them in. Such fine items don't deserve the drawer. That's where the desk organizers from Dudek come into play. Need a spot for your succulent? No problem. Shop here