Sugarloaf Social Club


Sugarloaf Social Club

What started as three college roommates in 2011 has grown into a global golf powerhouse.  Strike that.  Still just a small group of like-minded individuals all focused on camaraderie, conversation and, at times, healthy debate as we navigate our way through this ever-expanding universe of golf.  

If you’ve followed us for a while, you know that the Sugarloaf Social Club ethos derives from a desire to uncover a deeper beauty and enjoyment of the game. We try out the overpraised, but we seek out the overlooked.  We have as much fun (frequently more) at the hardscrabble places as we do at the well-groomed and anointed.  

So if you enjoy the game the way we do, and you want to roll your eyes at the list-checkers and the status-chasers, just do it. Don’t be afraid to stop noticing “conditioning” for a season.  Play a round with nine old Wilson clubs you found in a bin.  Dig a little deeper.  Keep an open mind.  We even have a guy in our crew who argues against tree removal.  True story.

End of the day, the most important thing about this game is enjoying it.  The second most important thing is hitting down on the ball.  

And that’s why whenever you hear something is “Sugarloaf Approved”, you can trust that it is going to be interesting, cool or significant and not just because some magazine, the media or any amount of money told us so.

Our most visible presence may be on Instagram, but what a lot of folks don’t see are the hours, days, weeks and months devoted to talking to and consulting with creative brands, superintendents, golf course architects, fellow swag addicts, and you about how we can all do our part to make this game a more exciting, interesting and enduring landscape.  That’s the SSC experiment and it never ends.

That’s about it.  

As for the aforementioned - ahem - slight swag addiction, we’ve had so many golf nuts ask about where they can get this Sugarloaf hat or that Sugarloaf belt that we decided to create a centralized place to find them.  You’ve already arrived.  The runs will still be sporadic and spontaneous (still just a social club), but if you check Instagram frequently enough, you’re always going to be able to outswag your buds.  And that’s easily the third most important thing in golf.  At least in the top ten.  

Something like that. Whatever.  

So on that note ...

Play or Perish & Carry On,